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SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer and is known as a standard security protocol that by using it in your web pages you can ensure that data transmitted between the servers and browsers will be encrypted.

There are 3 types of SSL

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Domain Validate SSL

  • It confirm and validate the name of the domain of the website
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Organization Validate SSL

  • It confirm the domain name and the organization name
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Extended Validate SSL

  • It confirms the name of organization and show on toolbar
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1.It avoids the attacks of cyber criminals who are going to steal the bank account numbers and information and card details.

2.It have a good effect on increasing the ranks of SEO of your website by attracting the search engines.

3.It will cause the enhance of the user confidence while they are surfing on your website.

What will be happened on the appearance of your website after getting SSL certificate?

Your website address will change from "http:// " to "https:// " in the address bar of the browsers and before the address of your website a podlock icon will be appear by using an extended validation certificate the browser will show a green address bar and the registered name of the company will be shown on the address bar and your customer can easily trust to have financial transactions.

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