Responsive webdesign

Responsive Webdesign and SEO By Azaran Web CMS

Do you want to manage your website you yourself without any programming knowledge?
Do you want to update your website and add new events and news of your business without getting help of expert programmers?
Do you need an economic software which you can use its free direction of use teaching by an expert employee?
Do you need a free technical support when you have problems in data entry or attacking in?


CMS or Content Management System let you to design and build your website with unlimited and different web pages even when you have no programming knowledge.
The most important feature of a CMS is the simple insertion of information on the website.
By using Azaranweb CMS Just Paste your text in an editor environment of your CMS and, specify the text appearance like font, color and size then upload a photo to your information and upload it to the website in less than a few minutes. You can easily have your web page.
Of course, this is a bit of what Azaranweb CMS presents for you. CMS minimizes your time, effort, and effort to design your site.

Start Now and Enjoy your SEO base Website!

responsive webdesign
responsive webdesign

What You Can Expect Us When You have Azaran Web CMS?

6 month free support
2 session Free education of how to use
1 month free hosting
User friend Control panel
Applicable features and modules
Ability to build SEO base and Responsive websites
Accessible from everywhere for managing your website
Ability for Prompt website update
Owning a SEO friendly Website
Economy in price webdesign
High security
Suitable webdesign for every kind of business
Ability to extend and have Dedicated module designing

More Details

Different Webdesign Packages For Different Demands.Pay Just Once and own your software!

We Presents Different Packages of our CMS by different level of facilities and features For Different Demands of Our Customers.So no worry if you are start-up company or a large Company or even if you want a personal website or for your business or even if you need a shop . We consider for all of you a best solution! that is good to know if your business grow, you can also upgrade the facilities of your website just by paying the difference amount.

Base Package

Design Package

  • Azaran Web Base CMS
  • 1 month free support
  • Free installation

Corporate Package

Design Package

  • Azaran Web Base CMS
  • 1 month free support
  • Free installation


Design Package

  • Azaran Web Base CMS
  • 3 month free support
  • Free installation

Web design with CMS software
SEO base and Easy to Use

Responive Design

Content Management System

The CMS, which is shorten of the Content Management System, allows people who have no programming knowledge to build a website and have their own webdesign.

The most important feature of a CMS is the easy insertion of information on the website.

Paste your text in a editor environment, specify the appearance of the text (font, size, color, layout), upload a picture for your information, and upload it in less than a few minutes. Of course, this is one of the thousands of things that A "Content Management System or CMS" works for you.

Azaran Web as a professional company with an expert history in web design, recommends you the use of Azaran Web CMS for those who are interested in designing dynamic and SEO base websites.

Our process

Design and implementation in a timely manner with guaranteed methods

  • Collecting requirements

    To minimize design repetitions at the assessment stage, it is very important to understand the needs and objectives of the webdesign project. That's why we pay particular attention to collecting project requirements and actively focusing on areas that customers may miss and gain their keywords for SEO purpose

  • Study trends

    When we have initial inputs, we take time to research industry or industry in order to understand target audiences, thus, we understand the customer's need for priority. This enables us to decide which standards and design technology should be used for optimal webdesign results.

  • Resume layout

    As soon as our webdesigners get their hands on the final frames, they quickly start designing HTML CSS - ensuring colors, shapes, animations and other design elements in the process.

  • Create different frames

    After visualizing the final result from the customer's perspective, we are designed to design focused UX frames, providing a solid foundation for the actual webdesign process, and
    Use the best tools
    Save valuable time


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