What is SSL/TLS?

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is an encryption-based Internet security protocol. It was first developed by Netscape in 1995 for the purpose of ensuring privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications. SSL is the predecessor to the modern TLS encryption used today.

A website that implements SSL/TLS has "HTTPS" in its URL instead of "HTTP."


What are the types of SSL certificates?

There are several different types of SSL certificates. One certificate can apply to a single website or several websites, depending on the type:

·         Single-domain: A single-domain SSL certificate applies to only one domain (a "domain" is the name of a website, like www.azaranweb.nl).

·         Wildcard: Like a single-domain certificate, a wildcard SSL certificate applies to only one domain. However, it also includes that domain's subdomains. For example, a wildcard certificate could cover www.azaranweb.nl, cms. azaranweb.nl, and crm. azaranweb.nl, while a single-domain certificate could only cover the first.

·         Multi-domain: As the name indicates, multi-domain SSL certificates can apply to multiple unrelated domains. For example, this certificate could cover azaranweb.nl, azaranweb.org even though they are unrelated domains.

Azaran Web can get any type of certificate, that you want just tell us what you need and we will provide you one.

SSL certificates also come with different validation levels. A validation level is like a background check, and the level changes depending on the thoroughness of the check. Don’t worry about the process we can guide you throw

·         Domain Validation: This is the least-stringent level of validation, and the cheapest. All a business has to do is prove they control the domain. For example this can be done with creating a single dns record

·         Organization Validation: This is a more hands-on process: The CA directly contacts the person or business requesting the certificate. These certificates are more trustworthy for users.

·         Extended Validation: This requires a full background check of an organization before the SSL certificate can be issued. This kind is popular with a green bar at url bar of browser.



Why you need an SSL certificate?

Websites need SSL certificates to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and convey trust to users. This is the power of SSL !

If a website is asking users to sign in, enter personal details such as their credit card numbers, or view confidential information such as health benefits or financial information, then it is essential to keep the data confidential. SSL certificates help keep online interactions private and assure users that the website is authentic and safe to share private information with.

An SSL certificate helps to secure information such as followings:

Login credentials such as passwords

Credit card transactions or bank account information

Personal information — such as full name, address, date of birth, telephone number or national ID

Legal documents

Proprietary information

And much more ….


Common Questions

- What port is recommended to use SSL/TLS over?

For maximum compatibility, port 443 is the standard, thus it is the recommended port to use for secured SSL/TLS communications. However, any port can be used. By default Azaran Web servers use port 443 for better compatibility.

- What is the current version of SSL/TLS?

TLS 1.3, defined in August 2018, is the most recent version of SSL/TLS. TLS 1.2 was defined in August 2008 and also remains in wide use. Versions of SSL/TLS prior to TLS 1.2 are considered insecure and should no longer be used. So we at Azaran Web only use the latest versions to keep everything secure.

- What Happens When an SSL Certificate Expires or Is Invalid?

If the certificate is invalid or has expired, the browser will most likely display an error message as well as having the HTTPS text crossed out in the address bar. Azaran Web will notify you if the expiry date is close so that your site never goes into trouble.

- Does SSL impact SEO?

With Google making a push to encourage a safer Internet by giving an SEO ranking boost for sites using SSL, now is the time to buy an SSL Certificate for search rank boost.

- How to install SSL certificate?

Installing SSL certificate can become complex and even confusing, especially if it is your first time. Don’t worry our support team in Azaran Web will install and configure SSL certificate on your site and guide you throw the procces.