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If you are going to have a web hosting business model to sell your hosting services to individuals and third party and also or you are a web designer and presenting this service to your customer Azaranweb Reseller hosting present you a high quality service with a high profit for is no different you need Window or Linux hosting can user plesk Control panel which is one of the most user friend Control panel that is known until now.

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Features for everyone
Add domains, subdomains and aliases to your server and configure DNS and DNSSEC. Secure them all with Let’s Encrypt or Symantec SSL.
Horde and RoundCube webmails on Plesk for Linux, and Horde on Plesk for Windows.
Move databases between subscriptions and find out which database is linked to which website.
Edit and back up files and folders while monitoring your website’s disk space usage.
Add even more value to Plesk, using a wide variety of third-party applications in the Plesk Application Catalog.
Create scheduled full and incremental backups and roll back changes to your website or database quickly and easily.
Quickly install powerful extension like Docker, GitHub, NGINX or WordPress Toolkit using the extension catalog.
Mobile Apps
Manage your business and servers on the go with Plesk Mobile.
Website Builder
Create fully responsive websites, online stores, and blogs with your choice of sitebuilders
Plesk is now available in 32 languages.
Automated healing and recovery functionality is built into Plesk so many technical issues can self-repair without needing skilled support.
Broadest levels of supported server security built in the core and through 3rd parties (OS, Network, Application, Website).
Features for everyone
Dashboard for a master view of all your WordPress and Joomla! sites.
Enhance the performance of your WordPress sites with NGINX caching.
Server Health
Health Monitor helps you keep your Plesk installation running smoothly by keeping track of the system resources’ usage on the server.
View reports on resource usage by your resellers, customers, and websites.
Dev Environments
Ready-to-code online development platform with a code editor and advanced site preview with support for dynamic sites.
Easy Monitoring
Parse web server logs and display relevant warnings and error messages in the Plesk interface.
WP Toolkit
Mass-manage, secure, and automate your WordPress instances, plugins and themes. Simple staging, cloning, updating, caching, backup and more.
Joomla! Toolkit
Mass-manage and one-click security for your Joomla! instances, extensions and templates.
Customizable skins are available. You can easily create your own skins, and re-brand the UI to your needs!


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We present different Reseller Hosting packages for different desire in Windows or Linux Operation Servers which you can select. If you need something special just contact us.


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